• I don't have any experience with martial arts or grappling, will I be able to join your classes and learn alongside everyone else?

    Yes, our classes are open to all, beginners and experienced alike. Our instructors are trained and experienced in teaching the necessary fundamental concepts and techniques that each student needs to understand the lessons and exercises in class. Even our students are trained to assist and accommodate the needs of the new members for they are taught to understand that everyone is a training partner that can help elevate the quality of training for the entire group.

  • I have an old injury or past medical history, will I be able to join and participate in the classes?

    As long as the student has medical clearance to participate in athletic activity or exercise, then yes. Our instructors are sensitive to the needs and conditions of students who have history of old injuries or medical conditions. The instructors may modify or change the exercise for the students in question to address their specific needs or condition.

  • Can I attend the classes of the other branches of ALI SULIT JIU-JITSU and ATOS PHILIPPINES?

    Yes, as long as the student’s status is in good standing and his or her membership dues are paid, he or she can attend any of the branches of ALI SULIT JIU-JITSU and ATOS PHILIPPINES. the student just has to advise any of his or her home branch instructor ahead of time so that the branch heads can coordinate.

  • I really want to join, but I am concerned about getting hurt or injured and about being bullied in training. Is it safe for me to join?

    Our instructors and members make it a point to have a good environment for training where everyone looks out for each other’s safety and development. The first lessons taught to anyone who joins are the safety protocols and movements that are necessary to keep everyone safe.

  • I really want to progress in my martial arts training. How soon can I get promoted?

    There is a certain time and mastery of skills required for each student in every belt level. Some progress faster than others. Some get it in the prescribed time as per recommended minimum months or years in each belt level. As long as the student is consistent and has displayed the necessary mastery of skills per level and is in good standing, the instructors will always guide and support the progression of the student. We strive to teach our students not to be belt-oriented, but instead, to focus more on development and progression, to maximize the learnings of his or her Jiu-jitsu experience on and off the mats.

  • I want to enroll long-term, like 3 months, 6 months and maybe even 12 months. If I need to stop attending class due to illness, vacation or other reasons, can my membership be frozen so I don't waste my payment?

    In the event that a student, who has enrolled for 3 months or more, has to stop attending classes due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, he or she just needs to consult the branch head to freeze the membership for up to 2 months. The student can finish the rest of his or her enrolled period as soon as he or she returns.